The Fiendish Plot of the Black Dragon

In UCW's latest three-way match [#373], Eli Black thinks he's got an ally in the mysterious Black Dragon. Together they will wipe the floor with Hiro, the little hottie from Japan that's winning the fans' hearts away from the company's stable of inveterate bad boys. Then they'll take each other on. Do I need to tell anybody that the plan explodes in Eli's face, and the masked Dragon and Hiro align to try to crush him? (Hint: Look at the pictures above.)

The duo gets the best of Eli, but Eli turns the tables on them more than once. The question is this: Can Eli Black knock out his two opponents? I'll tell you this much: He doesn't crack their heads together as I was hoping he would, but he does make them pay--and pay dearly--for ganging up on him. But can he defeat them? Or will they turn on each other and defeat themselves? Or, in the end, will the combined force of the Dragon and Hiro be just too much for my favorite hotheaded loudmouth to handle?

Here's an easier question. Am I recommending this match? Wholeheartedly yes! All three wrestlers look great, and Eli and the Dragon, especially, feed off each other's energy, doing what it takes to make this a match to remember, whether it's Eli using the Dragon as a human battering ram on Hiro or the three latching onto each other to form a writhing live wire of misery and pain (as in the sixth photo above).


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