Macho Quinn

On Halloween, resident stud muffin Axel put on orange and black baggies and Quinn Harper did his best Randy "Macho Man" Savage imitation (a damn good one, too) for an All Hallows' all-hell-breaks-loose rip-and-strip match. The match is well stocked with ball twisting, gut punching, and toe biting, offering fans one great treat after another. Axel is the man here, answering Macho Quinn by channeling his inner Ricky Steamboat, at one point administering Quinn's own trademark "oil check," a thrilling and long-awaited reversal. Axel and Quinn are probably the only two UCW stars with the balls to show off their balls on camera, so I figured this might at last be the match to give viewers the full and unobstructed monty, and I was right: prepare to hit pause at the 32.13 mark, my fellow pervs. 


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