First, I am attracted to shiny objects, so there's that. Second, there's the loose fit at the crotch of French wrestler Tyson Furia's Oscar-gold trunks that permits some wiggle room. Third, speaking of "wiggle," Furia's pelvic gyration at the 6:00 mark of this November Wrestling Stars match provides overdressed-bad-guy Baadshah Pehalwan Khan with a target for his nefarious sneak attack 40 seconds later.

Six-foot, 224-pound Tyson seems to prove that perhaps the only thing better than an arrogant pretty-boy heel is an arrogant pretty-boy hero. I'm ready to join this guy's club just on the strength of a vague resemblance to '90s TV star Rob Estes (who I often fantasized as a wrestler). Pakistani wrestler Khan, at 5'9", 223#, seems to realize that, given Tyson's star appeal and the crowd's unfaltering support of the babyface, his only hope of winning will come through some (literally) underhanded tactics.

Watch the video from which I grabbed these screen shots here.


  1. Tyson came to my attention, or perhaps I should say, brought me to attention, in a bout with your fave Tristan Archer:

  2. You should get some kind of award for that second-to-last screen cap!

    1. I think so, too, Sean. To misquote Jack Horner in Boogie Nights, "You know this is the screen cap I want them to remember me by!"


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