Graphs depicting the various wrestling holds, especially pins, are pretty much my Kama Sutra. Covers and cradles have a powerful effect on me. I like wrestling because I like a man to be wrapped up in another man, not metaphorically (as in romance fiction) but literally (as in wrestling). The man who can immobilize his opponent with just his snare-like limbs, preferably without punching, kicking, or moonsaulting, is my idea of a real wrestler. 

Pinfalls are especially hot when the victor hooks his opponent's leg in his arm and pulls the knee up so that their crotches are nearly touching. Extra points if, in that position, their faces are in kissing distance of each other too. The fourth photo below proves that Kid Karisma is the unparalleled master of this position. I guess what I'm saying is that, for me, the best wrestling holds are those that approximate sexual positions, not dance moves, not gymnastics or bodybuilding poses. 

Here to support my point are seven classic BG East images of men enfolding themselves in each other, often with paralyzing force. They're taken from The Arena@BGEAST, a treasure trove of photos that never fails to inspire me.

Angelo Damato on Marco Guerra
Austin Cooper on Patrick Donovan
Kenny York on Angelo Damato
Kid Karisma on Skip Vance
Tarzan Tyler Reese on Ricky Martinez 
Todd Brophy on Jeff Kenney 
Tony Vencini on Brook Stetson


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