Twists and Turns

Kid Leopard taps Dick Rick to work over Aryx Quinn in the latest installment of BG East's Leopard's Lair series. Dick convinces Aryx that he's auditioning to be Aryx's tag partner. He offers Quinn a pair of shiny silver trunks to match his own but goes on to use the trunks as a gag and noose against the headstrong but gullible hottie.

This is one of those sadistic beatdowns that's hard for me to resist nowadays. It has the right ingredients. Two smokin' bodies. Two master heels, each of whom has at one time or other worked as henchman to The Boss. Sweat, as in "lots of." The iron claw. The torture rack. The rear naked choke. Above all, a cowardly weasel getting the beating he deserves from a ruthless but coolly professional Über-heel. These are roles Aryx and Dick were born to play.

These guys know exactly how to play this angle too. When Aryx passes out, Dick nudges him back to consciousness, not wanting Quinn to miss any of the pain still coming to him. And just when I'm convinced that Quinn has no other option but to roll over and take it like the seedily sexy bitch he is, he pulls off a coup that threatens to upend Kid Leopard's beautiful plot. The Kid even makes an appearance at the match's end for one final act of double-dealing.

Leopard's Lair 5 is one of several matches in the newly released catalog that demonstrate just how good BGE can be at telling brutal tales of lust, pain, intrigue, and vengeance. For just twenty bucks, this one is too fun to miss.


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