UK Kid versus Jay White, Again!

The videographer has the most obstructed view in the house*, but without him we would probably have no chance at all of seeing matches like this one from March between two of the hottest young wrestlers currently in Europe, Jay White and UK Kid. The frequency with which the view slips down to the ring apron suggests the video might have been shot surreptitiously as well. Who knows what this guy risks to give us YouTube subscribers fleeting glances at White's butt and the Kid's navel!

The match is pretty textbook. The New Zealander is the babyface, and the Brit is the heel. The crowd cheers the former and boos the latter. It's mostly a beatdown of the rugged babyface. Both wrestlers are VERY attractive, and that is what elevates this match above the average. There's just enough here to spark the imagination if you have loads of imagination and don't suffer from motion sickness. Despite a disappointing technical reversal at the end, this is a rollercoaster ride ... if only it hadn't been shot from underneath the rollercoaster!

* He says, "Un angle de prise de vue difficile à gérer...dommage (film très moyen)... mais le combat en vaut la peine." [It's difficult to work at this angle. Pity (so-so video). But the fight is worth it."] Agreed.


  1. The worst thing about these shots is that the handful of decent ones show us that both these guys are very promising. That much more frustrating!

    Je te remercie, videographeur, malgré la difficulté. Le moyen est mieux de rien.


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