Queer for Quinn

There may be prettier wrestlers at UCW than Quinn Harper. There may be bigger wrestlers. He might not even be the best wrestler (though I think he might be). But nobody at UCW is sexier than the Mighty Quinn. From the beginning, Quinn crossed the boundaries nobody else would cross. His distinctive brand of S&M savagery has come to define the company. There may be gayer wrestlers at UCW than Quinn Harper, but nobody is queerer. Transgressive, dirty, inventive, merciless, fearless, and silver-tongued, Quinn is a force of nature and myth combined--the lecherous satyr of underground wrestling, the big bad wolf of UCW.

In his latest match [#388] he takes on pretty rookie Shane Saunders. Seeing Quinn catch the pure-as-the-driven-snow Shane in his baleful clutches sends a chill up my spine: terror and sensual excitement combined, the best kind of horror. Shane suffers beautifully, and his pitiful moans seem to charge Quinn up even more. Quinn twists Shane into every imaginable hold and position, both displaying the kid's pleasing physique for the camera and fans at home and sinking his hooks deeper and deeper in a nerve-jangling bodily assault. 

Then, midway through this fierce debauch, big Ryan Razor Sharp, another promising rookie, interferes, broomstick in hand. Ryan is not here to save the day for Shane. He wants Quinn for himself. He contemptuously tosses Shane off the mat and zeroes in on Harper. Ryan versus Quinn pits the former's bulk against the latter's guile. But are Ryan's size and strength equal to Quinn's shrewd depravity? I mean, think about it. Put a broomstick close to Quinn in the middle of a fight and what do you expect to happen? There are surprises yet to come, and as outlandish as they are, they are played so deftly and entertainingly that it's hard to criticize them. I just watch them in slack-jawed awe.


  1. action packed! your review is point on. the match really heats up when razor shows up. quinn is in full force manhandling the new kid. his s&m brutality on stage but razor is a bull and quickly takes over. his brute strength testing the pro's skills and showmanship. can this be the future of ucw? power and brute strength? at one point quinn manages to escape hopping around the ring trying to shake off a crippling attack to his leg. razor continues to manhandle quinn whose trademark smirk and wise cracks are overshadowed by the new kid's brutal attack and own wise cracks. he taunts the crippled quinn calling him an old man. quinn is taunt and ripped but next to the bulked up razor appears almost malnourished. razor's power and strength are definitely a challenge to quinn's skill and s&m attacks.


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