Statement of Policy

It is my policy to acquiesce to requests by subjects of my posts (performers, promoters, photographers) to remove content relating to them. I have no desire to use this blog to hurt anyone's career prospects or private lives through unwanted association with the blog or me.

I apologize for any inconvenience this policy causes visitors to the blog.


  1. Joe, I'm disappointed for you more than anything. You spend a lot of time on this blog. You have promoted certain guys and certainly helped bolster their careers, fatten their wallets and enabled them to pursue their dreams, whatever they are. It's a shame that you've had to delete so much of your effort because of someone's naive attempt to suppress their past. I say naive because it has literally zero chance of working if anyone chooses to look.

    If things don't work out for that someone, I really hope you think twice before supporting that person if they try a return. I know I would.


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