Bitch Is Asking for It

The second match of BG East's newly released Mat Scraps 3 is steamy and twisty spaghetti. Before watching this little beaut, I didn't know Tim Sheridan or AJ Lyle. Neither has appeared on my radar before, and I had no expectations of the match. I knew the names, of course. They have appeared in previous matches.  Tim got a nod from neverland a few years ago as Christian Taylor's antagonist. Bard gave AJ an appreciative lookover too. Not a peep at Ringside at Skull Island. I was just blind, I guess. Probably I wrote them off as "twinks." There it is: the ugly face of prejudice. My mistake.

"Steamy" is just the beginning of this wildly sexy battle. Sheridan, in sheer white, boasts of being a "little bitch," and big, beefy Lyle, in peekaboo green, is set on conquering him. ("Be Mine," as the valentine candy teaches us, with an oblique hint of S&M dominance on top of the iconic heart-shaped lozenge.) AJ takes the first fall with a bear hug, making Tim squirm in his sweaty grip. Tim turns the tables on him for a 1:1 tie.

I like the way AJ and Tim get right into each other's face, chest to chest, crotch to crotch, legs entwined. No shyness. A lot of heaving pressure gets applied, and the moans are a synthesis of agony and lust. For sweat-lovers like me, the near endless slipping and twisting are rapturous. Fondling ball torment, tight tight scissor holds, and, of course, multiple climactic bear hugs make for sticky, raunchy roughhouse. This one hit the spot for me.


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