Handsome Stranger vs Butch Blackheart

Handsome Stranger vs Butch Blackheart, Global Wrestling Federation (6 Sept. 1991)

Two great gimmicks in perfect contrast to each other: the masked romantic gentleman versus the caddish Hell's Angel wannabe. Two well built, evenly matched performers, innately hostile to each other. I'm guessing this was the launch of Buff Bagwell's new persona, and it's not bad at all. (Just my opinion, but "Buff Bagwell" and "Butch Blackheart" belong in the Great Alliterative Wrestling Monikers' Hall of Fame.)


  1. Alex R:

    Welcome Back Joe,

    And what an entry! Thanks to Alex Miller for letting us know!
    Babyface Bagwell? I did not know this. Wow. Interesting. IDK maybe he looked better this way. The roided version was too much.


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