Bright Light City

Brian Cage vs Roderick Strong, Future Stars of Wrestling

Fun capital of the world. Bugsy Siegel. Liberace. The Rat Pack. Elvis and Ann-Margret. Wayne Newton. Howard Hughes. Evel Knievel. The Moe Greene Special. Siegfried and Roy. Hagler vs Leonard. Nomi vs Cristal. Celine Dion. David Copperfield. The Killers. Shamir.

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

And what happened there in August of 2014 was Roderick Strong (5'10", 212#) squaring off against Brian Cage (6'1", 283#).

Give this one about three minutes to heat up. The chemistry between Cage and Strong is not done any favors by the video direction, mostly long shots when bodies should be filling the frame. But we get two dirty fighters in one ring, and that counts for plenty. Roderick's loose hold on sportsmanship is a nice match for Brian's impassive meat suit, with help (as if help were needed) from Cage's meddling manager Stu Stone. And everything gets better when everyone gets sweaty.


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