J.T. LaMotta vs Ryan Sorensen, XCW Wrestling 

So simple, a classic ring entrance. Ryan Sorensen (the future Jesse Sorensen) climbs into the ring, peels off his T-shirt, stands on the corner ropes like he owns the place. It happens all the time in nearly the same way, but this may be the first time the camera has caught it from exactly the right point of view.

There's also the matter of young Sorensen's body, already perfect for American-style pro wrestling, beautiful in its sturdiness, its arrogance, its intimidating heaviness. It's not so much a body that invites touching as butting up against. It's the kind of male body I find the most fascinating. Though he officially retired from wrestling in 2014, two years after a neck injury slowly derailed his career at TNA, there were rumors last year that Sorensen was returning to wrestling, this time at WWE.

The body I see in the GIFs below seems almost limitless in its durability.

Oh, and if his face looks familiar, it probably is.


  1. Thoughtful analysis. Sorensen's body is undeniably hot as you've noted in both its form and presentation (how he's so confident with that youthful arrogance).

    For me, his body appeal comes from bridging the line of manhood and boyhood so well, luckily encapsulating what's hot about both. He's lean, but muscular (that heaviness you mentioned). He has just enough definition that light can creates the shadows showcasing that pec line and a developed back. You see the creases of a six pack, yet the softness of a slightly protruding belly of a youth still in the process of becoming a man. He is without a doubt the one a weak high school teacher would seduce first as his body is undeniably nubile.

    The other component of my thesis is his presentation. It boils down to the swagger in his step really (what I think you mean in his arrogance). That extra bounce is accentuated by his legs and butt, which are thick especially given the leanness of his build. Though his quads don't bulge of veins like a bigger wrestler, his butt sticks out and draws attention (definitely above average).

    I will say it's because of this unique balance of youth and growth that makes this body extremely desirable and grabbable, at least for me. I want more than to butt up against this body (though actually maybe I don't understand the difference of "touching" vs. "butting up against")

  2. Jessy sorensen is wrestling again =) check out his recent matches. he's really an inspiration

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