Let's Get Unconscious

Five times Krush knocks Johnny O out with a chloroform rag, often right after releasing the antagonist from a legit choke hold. Johnny does his best to fight back, even gaining a submission from Krush in the first third of "Chloro Combat," the new release from Krushco, but this is Krush's mat and Krush's show, and things don't look hopeful or bright for Mr. O by the fight's midpoint.

The contest offers several varieties of male-on-male dominance, most of them involving some form of choking. In fact, the video is a virtual essay on the twin themes of getting strangled and getting voided. Knocking an opponent out is nowhere in the freestyle wrestling playbook. Even submission wrestling favors the tap-out over the kayo.

Still, reducing one's adversary to a seemingly lifeless heap has a powerful allure, a step short of a gladiatorial death match, but a more deeply satisfying and thorough conquest than a pinfall or "I quit." It appeals to primordial urges. The addition of chloroform here is a slight refinement on Krushco's usual paleo-wrestling style. But the "better living through chemistry" angle does nothing to abate the rugged savagery of these two rough-and-tumble wrestlers.


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