Wrestling Videos I Watch Over and Over and Over (Part 5)

Jake Jenkins vs Eli Black, Mat Rookies 1 (BG East)

Even in their “soft” matches against the usual twinks and pretty boys, Jake Jenkins (5'7", 155#) and Eli Black (5'6", 135#) bring integrity and grit into the equation. Both wrestlers have alpha-male natures, strongly in evidence in this video, in which they go from singlets to jockstraps. The change in gear corresponds to a change in the tone of the match. Beginning with by-the-book freestyle, in which they are both well accomplished, Jake and Eli descend to a reckless and exhausting brawl, in which the hurt gets personal, and caution and rules are tossed to the wind. They take after each other with undisguised relish. They want this. That much is plain. They want this, paycheck or no paycheck, and regardless of the risks. Totally committed, 100 percent, to kicking butt, Jake and Eli keep the cute stuff to a minimum and concentrate on giving us an authentic fight. They mean business, with an emphasis on mean.

Josh Steele vs Jayson Dolan (Movimus Wrestling)  

Something in my DNA or my sexual history or both makes me helpless for Josh Steele (5'11", 191#), in spite (or, I have to be honest here, perhaps because) of the bad reports I hear from those who have worked with him. With his background in gay porn, Josh had no previous reputation as a real wrestler, even in the gay pretty-boy wrestling scene. His two matches for Movimus, though, portray a fighter of some grit and surprising skill. Of the two, his match against Jayson Dolan (5'11", 188#) is my favorite, possibly because it was such an eye-opener for me but also because Steele is such a sexy beast in this match. Usually a jobber in other matches, Steele shows he knows and respects mat wrestling, and with much sweat and determination and zero theatrics, he wipes the mat up with Dolan, squeezing out six submissions in a row. After these two matches I haven't seen hide nor hair of Steele at Movimus. I assume he must have outworn his welcome at this company too.


Jimmy Dean vs Dillon Reed, Canadian Nude Pro Wrestling 3 (Can-Am)

I contend that Dillon Reed (5'11", 165#) was the perfect antagonist for Jimmy Dean (5'10", 155#) at Can-Am ... to be specific, his perfect nude antagonist. In rip-and-strip bouts to the buff, Dean and Reed wrestled in the pro ring and in the oil pit. Oil matches are fantastic, irresistible boner material, but nudity strikes such a discordant note in the squared circle that I prefer the pro match in this case. Of the two, Dean is the better showman, but Reed brings out the best in him as a fighter and gives him the brawl Dean needs to prove he is not just a fetching young gymnast and aspiring bodybuilder. Dean’s tendency back then was to play the class clown and go for laughs and wag his ass a lot. Reed grounds him in a no-nonsense macho death match, though with just enough ass-wagging to keep viewers smiling. The match is blunt and hot as fuck, especially in the final eight minutes as trunks come off and they wrestle in just boots and cock rings, climaxing with a figure-four leglock submission.  


  1. Black v. Jenkins is DEFINITELY one of my favs that I come back to time and time again. It really is a sweaty, knock-down, drag-out fight b/w two smaller guys in singlets and then jockstraps (i.e. the best of both worlds!!)

    The screams in this match alone are music to my ears as both guys know how to suffer oh so well. Not only that, but both guys know how to tease and torment their prey when it is their turn to beat the crap out of the other.

    It truly is an "exhausting" fight as Joe puts it...and that is only in a good way. Whenever I finish this match I can always imagine the stink of men that must have filled that tiny, humid room!

  2. Damn I hope your wrong and we get to see Josh Steele back on the mat or in the ring. I enjoy and own every one of his matches with Rockhard and was sad to hear he is no longer with them. On a side note: you wanna share what you have heard about Josh? : )


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