You Want Summa This?

Ricky Starks vs Sammy Guevara, Ecstasy of Gold III (Inspire Pro Championship)

The fight (there's no other word) starts with a bang. Two young bucks gunning for each other. Is there anything sexier than this? In seconds they are outside the ring as fans flee their folding chairs. I like Ricky, the super-hostile one in yellow. He's the current champion.

Do I need to know why these guys want to fight? I do not. The fact that they want to beat each other up is sufficient unto itself. The pure jubilant joy of roughhouse is reason enough for me. (For others, you might be interested to know that the championship belt is at stake.)

From the beginning I knew the tide would have to turn, that Ricky was going to get his ass handed to him at least once before all this is over. (Speaking of the champ's ass, check it out. It may be an important clue as to why I like Ricky.) And the high-flying whupping happens right about the 3:40 mark. But don't worry, it's far from over. The match (from last month in Austin, Texas) is 20 minutes of prime give and take.

A very very big thank-you to John, who forwarded the link to this match to me. John is now one of my favorite people. Some of the fancier stunts don't work for me, but for sheer energy and youthful aggression this battle is hard to top. By the end, they're punch drunk, spitting at each other, and steeping in their own briny juices. I wanted to GIF the climactic piledriver (sudden and out of nowhere), but decided not to spoil this match for any reader who might be interested in watching it.


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