Commie Pinko Wrestlers

My politics are somewhat to the left of Bernie Sanders, who got my vote a few days ago, but I live in a right-wing state, so Trump and Clinton won big here. I hate politics, or at least U.S. politics. I haven't the stomach for the grandstanding, fear-mongering, and sanctimonious tweets that clog the anuses of both left and right. I'm tired of war, robocalls, race-baiting, super-delegates, Wall Street, fact-free mic rants that pass themselves off as debates, uncritical allegiance to anything or anybody, poverty, the crumbling infrastructure, I could go on, but it doesn't take long for me to get dreadfully shrill on this subject. (I know, I know, I should be thankful I don't live in Saudi Arabia or North Korea.) Instead I offer you some GIFs of muscular young Soviets in training. There, that's much better, isn't it? (Thank you to wrestlingisbest for the pictures.)


  1. Comrades (and Cosmonauts) are welcome lusty visuals. No love lost, to each his own. Jason here. My econ professor and her professor husband vacationed in Russia (that would be before my grad date in 82). For liberals even they were economy shocked.

  2. Thanks, Jason. My opinion is that by 1982 American liberals were only barely left of the 1950s McCarthyites, feeling the delayed jitters of the magnificent failure of their own McCarthy 14 years earlier and Carter's in 1980. Then, that's my opinion as one unstudied in economics or politics. I'm happy, however, to have close friends of many different political stripes. Almost everything except fascism--I've never warmed up to a fascist, except for one or two strictly role-playing Nazis.


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