Steven Walters vs Billy Brash, Evil Twist of Fate (Premiere Wrestling Xperience)

I wrote about this match a few years ago (here), but now that I'm a GIF-making maniac there were a few shots of Walters I wanted to save in motion, so I might as well share them here, too.

While I'm at it, let me talk about Walters' body, which on a number of occasions I have referred to as an ideal wrestler's physique. The power of such a body to rough up another similarly shaped body is very sexy and scary.

My memory plays tricks on me, but I recall (I think) seeing bodies like Walters' when I was in my teens and feeling a tug in the groin area, like a gentle thump against the prostate, but somehow missing the point that I was attracted to them.

By age 25 I knew I was attracted to burly wrestlers like Jack Brisco, Ron Fuller, and Dino Bravo, but I thought they were the exceptions rather than the rule--you would think I might have wondered why there were so many exceptions!--and I don't know what I would have made of them live and in person.

I was too intimidated, maybe too naive to see the intimidation as a form of sexual attraction, or maybe I was too influenced by what the culture taught me was sexy for a man. Looking back, I think I was still afraid of my own desire. Pity.

Walters beating up Brash fits perfectly into my earliest fantasies (I'm talking prepubescent childhood fantasies) of what "beating up" meant. I was crazily attracted to the words "beat up" and fantasized beating up and getting beat up in equal measure.

Images of kids my age in movies and TV beating each other up caught my attention in a special way (Boy vs Kimba in Tarzan and the Leopard Woman, Alfalfa vs Butch in The Little Rascals, and especially in Disney: Skip vs Marty and the brotherly river brawl in Swiss Family Robinson!) Adult fights moved me too: Tarzan movies in general, Connery vs Shaw in From Russia with Love, and on TV The Wild Wild West.

My own experiences in the school playground taught me that real fighting was rarely this intimate, rarely this methodical and tightly focused, so it was in fact play-fighting that caught my imagination. Fighting was the only thing in the entertainment media that represented men in sustained close proximity--often even removing their shirts before engaging in roughhouse.

More recently I've begun to think the urges to fight and fuck combined as a single urge well before I was conscious of it. Perhaps from birth. Maybe it's an XY chromosome thing--or a genetic disposition, like left-handedness. All I know is the thought of entering this ring with Steven and Billy induces a sort of vertigo, a mix of panic and arousal.


  1. Thanks for more Walters! He looks even better in motion, so nice GIFs. I agree with you on real vs. play fighting. Give me scripted and fun any day. :)

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