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Zack Johnathan vs Austin Cooper, King of the Ring 6 (Rock Hard Wrestling)

Zack is the only wrestler listed in Catalog 1 who's still an active player in the Rock Hard Wrestling universe. It's probably no coincidence that he had three matches in that catalog, probably a record. Coop ties with Ethan Andrews for the distinction of fighting the most matches in the RHW ring, and he's been the holder and defender of the King of the Ring belt  through the past couple of catalogs. Nobody is more identified with the Rock Hard brand than these two guys. In the 33-minute five-rounder which dropped this past week, the former tag partners fight each other for the second time in the Rock Hard ring--and this time the King of the Ring title is on the line!

According to the web site, only an inch in height and five pounds in weight separate the two contestants. Their ring experience is comparable too, both having played heel and babyface at Rock Hard and other promotions. Their win-loss records are likewise comparable. Both are fitness models. Both are famous for the chips on their shoulders. Both like to win more than they like to fight fairly. If you know these wrestlers, you have probably watched KOTR6 already. It's Zack's best, in my opinion, and Austin's best too. It may be Rock Hard's best. I haven't counted, but my guess is this video contains a wider variety of holds than any previous RHW contests. It's a sumptuous, sweaty, toe-to-toe battle that ends with a humiliating torture rack that I not only watched slack-jawed but felt in my bones.

I will watch this one again very soon.


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