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Will Ospreay vs Ricochet, Best of the Super Juniors, Night 6 (New Japan Pro Wrestling)

There was probably talk of this being the Match of the Year even before it took place this past Friday. No wonder, too! I can't even decide whose side I'm on. I've been an Ospreay man for four months, but a Ricochet man for over five years. Ricochet is, bar none, the most beautiful athlete in pro wrestling worldwide, but Ospreay's attitude and smart mouth are hump-worthy too.

Within 24 hours, the online buzz was euphoric. One SB*Nation headline ran "This jaw-dropping Japanese wrestling match looks like a dang action movie." Another writer predicted, "It's the kind of match folks will be talking about - starting with folks stating that Ricochet & Ospreay gave us an example of where the artform of pro graps is heading, leading to a backlash of those saying it was acrobatics over psychology, all sizzle and no steak." Given my preference for sweaty lugs rolling and squeezing, I might even be prone to agree with the naysayers ... a little ... but this is god-damn Ricochet up against god-damn Ospreay, and the combination is no mere "sizzle"; it's 700-calorie sizzle! Body slams, stiff chops, and muscle bouncing off muscle for miles!

Japan outstretched the USA in televised pro wrestling a decade ago, yet American stars like Ricochet and UK studs like Ospreay shine their brightest over there because the competition cannot be clocked. News.com in Australia cooed, "For all of its storylines and historic battles, nothing the WWE will ever script can compare to the dazzling choreography of the New Japan Pro Wrestling," and as for the main event in particular, "it doesn't get much better."

On Facebook, No Holds Barred Wrestling sighed, "Just fucking wow." That about sums it up for me, too.


  1. Thank you for sharing this match. Counters after counters add so much suspense to the fight. Words can't describe how thrilling and sexy it is.

    1. I agree. Give and take is the key.

  2. The universal reaction to this match-up has been universally full of almost euphoric praise...until today. I saw a wrestler's Tweet that complained that it was over-choreographed. It's rare to have complete unanimity. While I haven't watched it and so can't really comment. But this is almost a relief. Dissent makes it feel more genuine.


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