Dirty Frottin' Scoundrel

Nero Angelo vs Chase Michaels, #470 (UCW)

Name me another wrestling promotion that counts nipple biting, toe licking, and junk yanking as legal moves. I didn't think so. Well, welcome to UCW, handsome young Chase, the new kid on the roster! Your reality check starts with none other than Nero Angelo, maybe the horniest heel in underground wrestling. Other wrestlers may feint eroto-wrestling, daring a dab of innuendo and a couple of wink-winks at the camera while maintaining plausible deniability. Angelo, in contrast, wants to tie your pubes into tiny knots and fuck your nostrils.

That said, Chase puts up a fine fight, ensuring strong and plausible give and take for a good 85 percent of the match. "Someone's a little full of themselves," he remarks upon first meeting the strutting sadist, who promises the slender newcomer a 29-minute crash course in Cruelty 101. Chase endures Nero's little worshipful humiliations as well as can be expected and even dishes up some surprising payback now and then. The two manage some "normal" attacks too, such as gut punches and a couple of nigh perfect Boston crabs. The upshot is a two-way clothesline that seems to end in mutual assured destruction, until one wrestler regains consciousness in time to claim a final (and pepper-hot) pinfall.


  1. I love it when Nero shows his nasty and dirty side. We know he's a highly skillful wrestler from his Movimus bouts, so I certainly hope he's willing to do some sex fights for BG East, or at least have a sensual but intense match against Axel.


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