Heel vs Heel Grudge Match

Hans Schmidt vs Killer "Tarzan" Kowalski (Chicago Wrestling)

This is one of several run-ins between Schmidt and Kowalski. I haven't yet placed the match date-wise. My guess is middle 1950s. Any grudge match between a couple of hard cases in the pre-Telstar days is hard to resist. In the darker trunks, six-foot-four Schmidt, with the heavy brows and receding hairline, looks like he could be Antonio Cesaro's granddaddy. He comes out strong from the start, giving Kowalski whatfor for the whole first round. Six-foot-seven Kowalski turns it around in the second, with a solid pummeling against the turnbuckle. Some superior mat work follows, lots of fine hand and finger moves you can see from twenty rows back. And nobody locks up collar and elbow as masterfully as the golden-era guys. The match exudes so much old-school virility I can almost smell the Chesterfields and Aqua Velva through my laptop's LCD screen.


  1. I'm not happy with the way it ends either. I want to see Schmidt totally destroyed!

    1. I agree. But we're about 60 years too late to change the ending.


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