Mud Bash

Jessie Colter vs Jimmy Bullet, Top Cock: Mud Wrestling! (Naked Kombat)

Earlier this week I netflixed Christina Voros's documentary Kink (2013), which details the behind-the-scenes activities at San Francisco-based The movie, produced by James Franco, takes a sex-positive approach to the porn industry, with nods to both hetero- and homo-style kinks, but, unhappily, it has nothing to say about my favorite site, Naked Kombat.

To be fair, the film targets stuff that makes NK look like child's play: bondage and torture, abduction fantasy, and hard-driving sex machines. While focusing on the artistic and business side of hardcore, the film does not fail to also address the fact that some pretty unhappy souls are drawn to the porn industry, too--though the point is repeated that does everything in its power to treat its models and its fans with respect. (By the way, some pretty unhappy souls are also drawn to teaching, retail, engineering, the military, and, let's not forget, party politics.)

And since I have never visited any of the sites except NK, it may be unfair of me to announce a "favorite." (I'm pretty sure of my tastes and proclivities, though, so I do have some basis for a preference. Yet Kink did open my mind up to some stuff I may soon need to open my wallet up for.)

The part of the documentary that perked me right up was everything that involved Jessie Colter, 6'2", 195#. M'yum-yum. Jessie's main thing is bondage and discipline, but he wrestles too, and quite forcefully. So the movie sent me racing to find a Colter match I had not yet watched. I landed on his match last year against Jimmy Bullet, 6'3", 192#. It's a mud fight--in the middle anyway: Round 1 fits the usual format for Naked Kombat (blue and red bikinis with matching ankle bands), Round 2's the mud round (nude), and in the final sex round the winner does whatever he wants with the loser, with the combatants all scrubbed up now and ready to come clean.

In these pages, I recently brought up my fascination with oil wrestling. Mud wrestling is pretty much the same thing, only (I assume) grittier. We're eventually told that the mud is spa mud, so perhaps it's creamier and less gritty than the garden-variety mud. Mud battles quickly make it almost impossible to tell one wrestler from the other, but that's not entirely a negative. It's a bit like masked wrestling in that respect. Like oil wrestling, it's difficult to execute a tight grip on a body, but I find it to be quite a turn on, especially knowing that Jessie is somewhere under the sludge, with his hairy pecs and strong thighs turning Jimmy every which way but loose.


  1. Gone are the good ole days of Naked Kombat. They used to have so many skillful wrestlers, but now it's only porn models rolling on the mat. Even Jessie seems to disappear. His two matches against Dirk Caber are still on the top of my list.


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