Tom "Z-Man" Zenk vs JW Storm, 13 October 1990 (NWA World Championship Wrestling)

I'll take a 40-second side headlock anywhere I can find it, even if the match ends with a lame-ass disqualification.

It ain't bad, though, especially if one's feeling horny and has a taste for bodybuilders in collision. Hairy-chested Storm, 6'3" 285#, wrestled through the 1990s. He apparently spent 1992 as Rick Martel's personal whipping boy, to judge from his match history. Ten years later, he started flexing his muscles for Christ as an ordained minister. So saith Wikipedia.

Tom Zenk, 6'1", 240#,  had once been Martel's protege, and three years before the match we see here, he had successfully partnered with the future "The Model" as the Can-Am Connection. The real-life breakup was not pretty, clouded in some mystery too, which, if one's imagination turns in that direction, adds a spicy subtext to this midpoint (1990) face-off between Zenk and Storm.


  1. Love the last gif with Zenk struggling helplessly in Storm's strong lock.

  2. Zeno was one of the guys I looked forward to, week after week.

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