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Chriss vs Neo, Summer Sizzler (PWP)

I doubt I can explain my interest in PWP Wrestling as anything but what it is. Lust. PWP is not at all like the wrestling I usually cover in these pages. It's not like wrestling at all. However, if the models were not attempting some semblance of wrestling, I would probably not be interested in writing about them (or, in my dreams, rubbing oil over their bodies).

PWP matches are best appreciated in comparison with the old Athletic Model Guild films and the posed "action" shots in Physique Pictorial, which were before my time, so I'm fairly certain they were before the time of most visitors to this blog. But like the pre-Stonewall mail-order films and magazines celebrating the male body, PWP matches feature spectacularly fit boy-next-door types gamely pretending to wrestle.

They haven't a clue what they're doing, but I am thankful they are doing it, whatever it is: it most definitely not being wrestling. Still, it is grist for my private wrestling fantasies, like good old AMG.

Since I first discovered PWP, ten or more years ago, the video quality has improved significantly. The videos are brighter and sharper than the earlier releases. I see more interesting closeups. I would say the wrestlers, on the whole, are more attractive too, though the site has always drawn its talent from Montreal strip clubs, which, on several levels, ensures quality control, physiques-wise.

The company's latest release, Summer Sizzler, consists of four matches (available all together in a DVD or purchasable as separate downloads). Two matches introduce Neo, a strikingly handsome young man whose chiseled torso persuaded me to purchase the whole set.

I have nothing to say in defense of Neo's wrestling abilities. I didn't see any at all, and he seems unconcerned about his limited arsenal of wrestling holds. The body and the haircut are sufficiently enchanting by themselves. His opponents, Vince and Chriss, are also very easy on the eyes and no better grapplers than he is.

Yes, I would be happier if these guys had the heart for fighting, but their willingness to play-wrestle in skimpy trunks deserves some gratitude. I am definitely not kicking myself for buying these downloads. I knew what I was getting, and I am entertained by the skinny trunks, hard biceps, and the graceful swivel of Neo's hips. I love beauty, but wrestling is my kink. Therefore, my imagination has to provide the holds, blows, and knockouts the videos do not.

If you start hating yourself because you too fell for the hot bulges, smooth muscle, and the imagined scent of M7 by Yves Saint Laurent, you can always lay the blame on me. I honestly will not mind. I have a soft spot in my heart for PWP, and I will not disavow it here or in the foreseeable future. Like most other guilty pleasures, it lacks substance worthy of the affection (and bucks) spent on it, but the affection is indeed genuine and profuse. There's something here (I really don't know what) that I don't find anywhere else.

Vince vs Neo, Summer Sizzler (PWP)


  1. It's like "buttah," watching butter melt slowly. But butter tastes so good.

  2. They are 'stiff' with limited wrestling experience because they are amateur strippers from Stock (a strip club in Montreal, Canada).

  3. Let's offer to give Neo lots and lots and get the the idea...of hands-on instruction.

  4. I've just installed iStripper, and now I enjoy having the sexiest virtual strippers on my desktop.

  5. Can you tell me how long the match is? The site doesn't include this information and I don't want to pay $22 for an 8-minute video.


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