Polish Power

Scott Putski vs Khris Germany, GWF Supercard (Global Wrestling Federation)

Click the link above. Minutes 24:00 to 28:00 spotlight a wrestler who put starch in my shorts in the early 1990s: Scott Putski (5'11", 245#), here going up against Khris Germany (6'2", 255#). Scott inherited his solid build from his father, the legendary Ivan Putski. Fans took immediately to Scott as a rookie because he fought clean but strong. Though he lacked the bad-boy attitude that was coming into fashion at the time, he had natural sex appeal combined with an easy rapport with fans.

While Putski acknowledges the cheers of the crowd, Germany sneaks up on him from behind. The next four minutes consists of give and take with Putski giving more than taking and eventually paying the Berliner (actually from Texas) back for the attack. In what looks like a crisis point to me, Scott spreads Khris's legs wide and apparently contemplates a low blow (13th and 14th shot above). The fans are with Putski all the way, fine with whatever he decides to do, but our hero thinks better of it and instead butts his head to the heel's midsection. I would have been fine with a stomp too, but these few seconds of decision-making reveal the quality of Scott's character. Putski goes on to defeat Germany by dropping the guy with his father's "Polish hammer" blow, tidied up with a three-count cross pin.


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