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Krush vs Donald Jay, Corporate Combat (Krushco)

Five or six years ago I stated that "two men in business suits wrestling can get a rise out of me," meaning it's the wrestling and not so much the paraphernalia of wrestling that matters most. A buff body grabs my attention (thank you, Olympics), but it takes wrestling or the fantasy of wrestling to crank up my engine (read any definition of "sexual fetish")--and fully clothed or buck naked, wrestling, real wrestling, is my favorite thing in the world. This week Krushco released a two-part battle in which Krush and Donald Jay take each other on in suits and ties--though, as the fight heats up, they get mussed and rumpled and eventually pulled off.

Last month Krush shared some thoughts with me about the match, then in production,  a custom (tailor-made) video with subtle political jibes ("Donald Jay," get it?). I liked the scenario immediately. It reminds me of something Can-Am did a few years ago. I forget the title, but the guys were lightweights compared to Krush and Jay. Krush knew he was stepping into new territory with this one and aware that some fans would not be open to it. "But it was fun," he told me.

I bet it was, too. Beginning in black and white that's antiqued to look like old 8mm film, Krush and Donald exchange heated words outside a conference room where the two are competing for the same pot of gold. Krush gets riled up over his competitor's arrogant boasting and tells him to take off his shoes and fight. The Donald agrees, and the two rip into each other right there and then. 

The video turns to color as soon as they lock up. Conveniently a collegiate wrestling mat spans the waiting-room floor. Donald looks fit in a Men's Fitness way, but he's got nothing on Krush as a wrestler. Yet he holds his own through what is (in total) a 70-minute contest. In both Parts 1 and 2 it looks like victory could go either way. The struggle is tight and intense. Eventually stripped down to the waist, they look less like executives and more like roughnecks.

Discarded clothes, especially ties, serve as useful weapons. Chokes, chinlocks, and scissors figure heavily in the action, with the added touch of the rustle of JoS. A. Bank brushing up against Hart Schaffner Marx. Part 1 ends 4 to 3 with a scissors choke leading to a tap-out, the two competitors pared down to their socks and pleated trousers.

Part 2 picks up where Part 1 leaves off and proceeds to more familiar territory as the men strip down to square-cut trunks. The wrestling in Part 2 is more grueling as the wrestlers get better acquainted with each other's strengths and less encumbered by clothing. It's a speedier contest than the first, but ends with a wider spread in score than we see in Part 1. I have nothing but praise for both parts--and the scenario, too. 

Dress suits on wrestlers wrestling is sexy in the same way and perhaps for the same reason as reading glasses on bodybuilders flexing is sexy. The image draws together the two ends of masculine achievement: brawn and brains. And I always can rely on Krushco for man-size pugnacity--all the thumps, heaves, grunts, and groans in place--with hardly a hint of irony or reserve.



  1. Great review. I agree about the hotness of starting out clothed and stripping as a match proceeds. Over the years, I think I've seen this scenarios twice in pro wrestling and one other time in homoerotically inclined video. I wish that it was used more frequently. It doesn't have to be business suits. They could start out in anything from the most informal ensemble to tuxes.

    I also rather enjoyed the political subtext. I just wish that Krush could get his hands and knees and elbows and arms and feet on the "real" Donald!

    While I'm waiting for wifi access to watch the whole thing, I snuck in a couple brief peeks and was pleased with what I saw. This review and synopsis has whetted my appetite and increased my anticipation.

    This is only the second time I've purchased a download. The other was also a Krush match in which he was crushed, for a change. It's kind of ironic, because I would have said that, for the most part, he's not my cuppa tea.

  2. I think that the homoerotic match was from several years ago on Canadian site PWP.

    In the e-mail I sent you, you see three guys. In the suit is Mark Muscle, who after Braden Charron, who has Chet Chastain in a full Nelson, with suit pants on, is done with Chastain, strips down and takes over the punishment. From Wrestler4Hire. I watched the preview video. It looks hot and fun.

  3. The Can-Am match I was thinking about was the opener in Tough Guy Try-Outs, 12 years ago. There's also Suits to Nuts the following year, but I don't think I've seen that one.

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