Spring of 1980

Kerry Von Erich vs Jose Estrada, 24 March 1980 (WWF)

Beginning around the 11:00 mark, we see wunderkind Kerry (at age 20) in his Madison Square Garden debut. Less musclebound than he was soon to be, Kerry here resembles his big brother Kevin in physique and buoyant self-confidence. Estrada, the seasoned veteran (at age 34), senses the threat and follows the age-old playbook of experience and guile trying to smash the youngster's energy and high spirits. Much good it does him. On some level Estrada has to realize he's powerless against the surge of animal aggression embodied in his opponent and crankily, desperately, hubristically attempts to clip Kerry's wings. Ultimately, after an 11-minute battle, he pays the price for standing in the way of a force of nature.


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