He Sees You Checking Him Out (1:36)

Ace Perry vs MV Young, Roll of the Dice (Vicious Outcast Wrestling)

This match from a couple of months ago pits young pistol Ace Perry (5'9", 185#) against the vainglorious MV Young. Although outweighed by 25 pounds, Ace ties his opponent in knots and wears him down by increments before the knockout blow.

Obviously choreographed, the match is still fun because of Ace's buoyancy and charm--to say nothing of the wet torso. To be sure, Perry faces setbacks. The big guy does not want to go down and stay down. But the kid is tough and plucky and won't take no for an answer. His war dance with Young reminds me of a matador's ritual slaughter--daring, graceful, and efficient.


  1. Ace Perry is hot as hell. Would be awesome to get in the ring with him in a pro match.


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