Mad Dog and Wildfire

Buzz Sawyer vs Tommy Rich, World Championship Wrestling, 3 October 1990 (NWA)

I was a huge Sawyer fan in the 1980s, especially his early Georgia Championship Wrestling stuff. He was an amazing heel, fearless and beastly mean. His haystack gut both daunted and fascinated me. Tommy I wasn't too sure about, perhaps blaming him for not being built like a Von Erich, shallow me in my younger days, though now I admire Rich's ring savvy and see that, in many ways, his performance style exhibits most of the characteristics that attract me to pro wrestling. I preferred pretty babyfaces, who were few in number in the twentieth century, but now that wrestling Adonises are dime a dozen, I wish they had the grit and iron balls of the old-school guys. (I'm easy to please, but hard to impress and impossible to satisfy, I know that about myself.)

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