Anthony Nese vs Maxwell Jacob Feinstein, CAP The Best Deception (Create a Pro Wrestling Academy)

I saw Maxwell Jacob Feinstein (19, 5'11", 216#) first over the summer on Bruno's magnificent Beefcakes of Wrestling (here and here, for starters)  I liked his look, the name a delightful mouthful, but somehow he slipped my mind for a while. Until this week, actually. The prospect of watching the then-teenager take on Tony Nese (30, 5'10", 213#), no slouch in the brawn department, drove me to this video on Max's YouTube channel. The match happened in Hicksville, New York, on November 27th, 2015.

I knew I could depend on Tony not to go easy on the baby heel, who's intimidated enough to flee the ring once he gets a close-up view of Nese's swole arms and chest. Tony's welcome-back is a hard fast slam to the center of the ring. But Feinstein is resilient, at first reversing everything the veteran throws at him. Soon as Maxwell starts feeling he's on top, though, Anthony is right there to knock him flat. These are the sweet moments I rest my eyes on today, Anthony so suave yet so merciless. (The last GIF is a spoiler. Sorry. Come to think of it, this spoiler alert is sort of a spoiler, too. I'm really, really sorry.)


  1. Maxwell also has some matches in Dojo Wars channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13Ip-t5AaLs

  2. Baby teen heel is an accurate description though one that normally turns me off. MJF reminds me of when Sorensen was starting out: athletic, energetic, arrogantly young and very nubile.

    Yeah second that Dojo Wars link. Unfortunately you have to hunt for his name which is sometimes Pete Lightning or his tag team Business Casual.

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