Jason Carrion vs Logan Black, Warriors Unreleased Vol. 19 (Warriors of Wrestling)

Carrion is a reality TV star on a show I've never seen or previously heard of. Since the last reality TV show I watched was The Real World when it was in San Francisco, it's no surprise that I wouldn't be up on Married at First Sight. My first intro to Jason (aka Jason Kross) was a promo in which he claims James "Rude Boy" Riley is not real, which intrigued me enough to give this exhibition contest a look. Reality TV now bears the mantle of kayfabe that pro wrestling cast off, so it makes sense that there is crossover between the two.

Carrion has the right look: a powerhouse build (6'2", 238#), a high and tight haircut, and old-school black trunks, with matching brash and belligerent personality. He works up a fine quick sweat, too. It enhances his credibility that he holds his own against Logan, who looks right out of central casting, Sons of Anarchy division. I like the classic wrestling moves: armbars, side headlocks, toe twisters, rock'em-sock'em slugouts, and scary two-counts. No fancy-pants hurricanranas, no pandering to the cheap seats. The sustained body-to-body rasslin' keeps me glued till the lightning-strike tap-out finish.


  1. Carrion is a NYC firefighter who appeared in a calendar.

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