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Guido Genatto vs Zach Reno, Knocked Out! (Wrestler4Hire)

Wednesday, Cameron, fulltime boss at Wrestler4Hire and part-time ubiquitous wrestler, emailed me, offering a free 30-day subscription  to his site in exchange for "some good press on [my] blog." Pity the poor fool who looks to my marketing skills and my blog (banned on Facebook) to broaden outreach. I couldn't sell a Reynolds Wrap hat to a Trump supporter even if I threw a Hot Wheels taco truck into the deal, so I doubt Cameron really expects a few posts on R@SI to shake loose more change for his already crazy-popular wrestling site.

If he's gullible enough to let me go traipsing through his hunky playpen for free, I am not about to say no. The two W4H videos I downloaded in August whet my appetite for more, and I am dazzled by the goodies on display on the membership site--12 new free online matches a week and thousands of action stills in stock, not too shabby for a promotion that's been around for just a year or two.   However, it didn't take me long to zero in on this match from last year, transparently titled Knocked Out! Big heel vs little jobber squashes may not be my particular thing, but throw Guido and Zach in the mix, hairy chests, bellies, thighs, and all, and I'm totally in.

At first, the idea of introducing the controversial Dirty Daddy to the alt sex fetish wrestling world struck me as one of those brilliant lunacies that could never work in reality. But Guido has rocked that world and made it his own. These past three years, he has been freer, bolder, and more inventive than ever. And Zach is fine as the clueless rookie served up like a mouse in the python tank. With little to do but suffer* and suffer continuously for 31 minutes, the trooper is spared nothing--beginning (beginning!) with pile drivers and progressing through a one-man gauntlet of chokeouts and bearhugs (both classic and reverse). Genatto even chokes out Zach while Zach is already unconscious. (You read that right.)  Knocked Out! is nothing but truth in advertising--one drubbing following the next well after Reno is little more than a rag doll in Genatto's merciless grip. To top it off, Guido shares a short treatise on God** near the end of the video, tucked between a rear naked choke and a cobra clutch, and crescendoing in a potty-mouthed hymn to unbridled male aggression.

Amen to that, and pass the collection plate!

* and look like a cross between Paul Rudd and Bob Seger (circa Stranger in Town)
** not suitable for the thin-skinned


  1. My deep (DEEP) admiration for Genatto continues to grow.

  2. Not to contradict you, but you have definitely sold me on videos before.

    I've liked pretty much all of Cameron's videos that I've watched. He does a lot of stories and themes, but it usually works for me.

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