Worked Up

Ty Alexander vs Steven Ponce, X-Fights 41 (BG East)

Honey-tan, blond, and ready for action, Ty takes on Steven. At ringside, he nipple-twists his opponent through the ropes and into the squared circle, both men already hard as Maglites and busting out of their long tights. Ty's kisses alternate with headlocks and gut punches, toggling Steven into a frenzy, his moans of pleasure and pain indistinguishable from each other.

When Steven has taken as much of this as he can stand, he overpowers Ty with a crushing bearhug and drags him down to the mat, where he transitions to a bodyscissors, all the better for spanking Ty's half-bare ass. The contrast of Ponce's hairy chest and belly and Ty's post-twink gloss raises the erotic temperature of the contest--warrior and ephebe locked in a slow dance of seduction and submission. Steven doesn't keep Ty down for long, preferring that his boy flaunt his burgeoning toughness on top.

Ty pounces catlike, feinting a liplock, then violently driving Steven's thighs apart and thrusting bulge up to bulge. Steven is vulnerable as his opponent taunts him with cock play that is equal parts arousal and abuse. The savory torment lacquers Steven's body with shimmery sweat. After lifting his opponent up, Ty then cracks the man's lower back across his knee, working the cock with one hand while pushing Steven's head to the mat with the other. Steven more than consents to this rough treatment; he relishes it.

The tights never come off, but they do come down. Their inability to ever make these bodies "decent" amplifies the eroticism, so, to be honest, total nudity would do nothing to make the match hotter than it is--and it is, make no mistake, triple-X action in the final quarter. Alexander vs Ponce makes a strong case for the role gear and clothing play in igniting lust. But to say that the tights never come off is perhaps misleading though technically true: There will be splooge.

It may be possible to watch this long match in one sitting, but I suspect most viewers will want to watch it in spurts. Ty and Steven trade off positions as sadist and masochist, but it's fairly clear that Ty wants to be the top and Steven wants Ty to conquer him. To my eyes, Steven's assaults look like provocations for the comeuppance he so richly desires. Happily, the slow-burn mating ritual takes nothing away from the animal brutality of the struggle. The nipple biting (not just a nibble but pulling as if to tear) and a cocksucking "tree of woe" cross and re-cross the line between sensuality and violence. Steven and Ty make the ambivalence work.


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