Andrews vs Cooper

Ethan Andrews vs Austin Cooper, Ripped 'n Stripped (Rock Hard)

I am super excited to see Rock Hard in production again. For several months I worried over why the company wasn't putting out new stuff, but I never inquired, fearing the worst, not wanting to meddle, never understanding the behind-the-scenes workings of internet wrestling anyway. The company has revamped its aesthetic approach considerably, going for minimalist, less-swanky setting, lighting, and camerawork--a bit like Thunder's Arena's ring matches, minus  the nonstop whirr of sweatshop fans. To be honest, I haven't an opinion  yet on the new style. I'm waiting to see where RHW goes with it next. In this rip-and-strip match, two of the company's best wrestlers take each other on in a mostly (to be honest) predictable contest, but my abiding love for both wrestlers and wrestling company blinds me to everything but the momentousness of this clash between two legends in their second singles faceoff at Rock Hard. Purchasers of the DVD get this match along with Alex Waters (with a new look and grittier heel attitude) vs newby Wes Richards*, recently released as a download.

* For more on this match, check out The Cave's review by Alex.


  1. Thanks for the link. I doubt I'll buy this one, but I am glad I bought Alex/Wes.

  2. I want to wrestle or fight Austin Cooper in the ring anytime and anywhere. Muscle on muscle with minimal gear. Kick some ass.


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