Brawn vs Braun

Krush vs Kyle Braun, Brawn vs Braun (Krushco)

The best thing about Krush's matches is that they deliver plenty of chest to chest, gut to gut, crotch to crotch grappling, nothing too fancy or elaborate, but genuine aggressive rasslin' like the cowpokes used to do it in back of the old bunkhouse. Kyle's previous run-ins with Krush (and Krush's wingman of years ago, Lucien) have proved Braun to be a strong enough adversary to keep a fight interesting and a kinky enough one to enjoy the times (four in all, here in Krushco's most recent release) that Krush puts him in a tight spot and forces him to submit. That's not counting the time Krush chokes him clean the fuck out--and then the challenger comes to and immediately wants more. Ready to push Krush's buttons to get the comeuppance he craves (and deserves), Braun mounts a final assault with a rope, only to have the weapon snatched out of his hands and used against him.This match is fun without turning yuckity-yuck-yuck and sexy without crossing the line into sleazy, and the payoff (that eagerly awaited payback) is memorable and sweet.


  1. hmmm ... " fun without turning yuckity-yuck-yuck"
    hey Joe, I would have loved to have you double down on that descriptor ... it's been awhile since I have been in a yuckity-yuck-yuck situation myself : )

    1. Ha. Sometimes my prose just collapses into word salads.


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