Dave Markus vs Leon Cyrus (Movimus)

Earlier this year, Markus, the centerpiece performer at Movimus, took on challenger Cyrus from Switzerland, who was visiting the City for Wrestlefest. Dave is as serious about submission wrestling as anybody at Movimus, but he had to know he would have his hands full with this heavyweight. It's no spoiler to say that Leon may be the biggest (in size and heart) challenge of Dave's career, which has looked mostly effortless in comparison to this match. As for Leon, if he was thinking the club dancer would be easy pickings, he has another think coming. The first fall is over halfway through the video. The second fall miraculously ties the two competitors about three or four minutes later, leaving three more grunt-packed minutes to sweat through before the end. Sportsmanlike and fair it is, but the contest remains grueling and suspenseful to the end.

Note: Hoselupf (literally "pants-pulling") is Swiss-German slang for Swiss-style wrestling (Schwingen).


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