"Introducing ..." Cedric Alexander's Heel Turn

Cedric Alexander vs Chet Sterling, Episode 70, 14 September 2016 (CWF Mid-Atlantic Worldwide Wrestling)

I'm aware that Cedric turned heel last year, but until this match, I had not seen the new brutal and arrogant Cedric. His opponent Chet is no stranger to the ways of heelery, so the fight is as sweaty and dirty as I could hope for, with Cedric carrying most of the show. His 5'10", 200# body is more tautly muscled than ever. His summer job at WWE obviously did him a world of good. Now that he's on board with WWE's venture into cruiserweight wrestling, he's not above returning to his home turf to bust up Sterling's 6'1", 195# body ... practicing the raw mega-drama we North Carolina folk expect to see in the squared circle. True to form, the contest delivers multiple rock-em-sock-em toe-to-toe clashes leading to a true Southern favorite: a climactic (if sometimes sloppy) showdown between strong-willed fighters, exhausted and working on instinct alone, hanging on to each other just to stay on their feet, taking the battle to the limit.


  1. Nice images. I enjoyed seeing those light blue tights on Chet. I like the image of Chet getting slammed on the ring apron then rolling on the floor. And of course the final one of Chet banging Cedric's face between his thighs. Nice work!


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