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Guido Genatto vs Marc Merino, Forced to Flex (Wrestler4Hire)

I confess: I am one of Guido's "minions." The man can do no wrong, as far as I'm concerned. His hairy body mass is, yes indeed, awesome, but what gets me going is the way his loudmouth heel energy just barrels over anybody in sight. He steals the show, everyone of them, every time. Guido can take a nothing match and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile, and usually, for me, a forced-to-flex match is pretty close to nothing--and yet this one shines. Beautiful Marc is obviously part of the reason (The first time I saw him in a too-tiny bikini, my whole body, scalp to toes, responded like one of Pavlov's dogs), but I'm pretty sure Guido could have performed the same magic with a ventriloquist's dummy ... or a broomstick. The guy is a one-man-show, even with five or six opponents in the ring with him, and he has taken on some incredible adversaries in his time. He wrestles for the straight world under another name, and he is magnificent, but something special happens with his Guido gimmick, and my heartfelt thanks to W4H or BGE or whoever it was that first uncorked this genie's bottle.


  1. i always jerk off to chris dickinson/guido genatto


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