Wild Wild Wes

Wes Richards vs Chad Daniels, Wild Wild Wes (Rock Hard Wrestling)

Here's a fine new match from Rock Hard Wrestling with a bit more grit than usual, thanks to two dynamic and vicious wrestlers. The chemistry between the newish Wes and blond favorite Chad is palpable from the start. I like the taller, meatier guy, Chad, and have said so in past posts. The wiry Wes brings an energy to the ring that may remind some fans of Eli Black--and I can't write it all off to the hawk-like nose and tattoos. The guy brings sass and energy to what is just his third RHW match, yet Chad is unimpressed.

Both guys offer a tough fight, favoring chokes, punches, body slams, and sharp elbow thrusts that dig to the bone. The match runs for three rounds, which holds significance for RHW fans: each wrestler wins at least once, so the action is give and take. Neither man totally dominates any one round, which is not unusual at Rock Hard, but the holds and assaults are more coherent than some of the company's older matches, which I have criticized for lacking credible transitions between individual spots. I don't see the variety of tactics and holds that I find in other matches, other promotions, or other fighters, but Chad and Wes make the most of what they have, and though I noticed, I didn't mind the repetition of the handful of techniques they employ.

The Rock Hard site labels Wes as an "outlaw," "loner," and "rebel"; the words suit his look and attitude just fine. Elsewhere I have compared Chad to the now inactive Josh Steel, and for me the association persists. Like Steel, Chad exudes a cocky insouciance I connect with beach culture--the unselfconscious posing of the surfer, lifeguard, and all-night partier. The dramatic clash in personal styles gives this 25-minute battle its punch.


  1. Awesome photos. I want to wrestle both of them - especially Chad Daniels - anytime and anyplace I'd wrestle him.


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