Jefferson Early vs Colby Corino, VCW Liberty Lottery 2016 (Vanguard Championship Wrestling)

The fighting starts about six minutes into the video. I zip right to it. The dialogue before a fight means jack shit to me. Knowledge that this July 2016 match in Norfolk is a faceoff between two former partners is enough foreplay for me. There's no bad blood better than the bad blood between exes. Sweetening the deal is this is a championship challenge. Even better the crowd hates Early, the champ, and his manager, Neil Sharkey. The best part of it is this is pretty much a heel-vs-heel battle, with the crowd backing the iconoclastic Corino.

Stocky but quick Jeff and skinny but strong Colby are a joy to watch together, especially in the frenetic final minutes when Sharkey intercedes to protect Early from illegal use of a metal choker wrapped around Colby's knuckles. Early makes Corino tap out in a contortionist's crab hold, but the ref is too distracted by the manager to call it. The ref also misses Corino's retaliatory low blow and awards the pin fall to the blond challenger. Colby's charisma is unmistakable from his derisive bitch slaps, with tongue salaciously lolling, to the curt way he snatches the belt from the ref's hands at the end.


  1. Thanks. Vanguard has a number of good fights.It's been a difficult year, but you've been a good little boy, Joe, so I'm sending you an early Christmas present of the prettiest butt in Mexico, just in case you haven't already found it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aEGp9h08f1g&index=4&list=PLsYWXIYJyfy6trew7snZRLL3gaQIopKje&t=705s


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