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Falcon vs JJ, February 2016 (LDN Wrestling)

The video starts with the match already in progress, but the fight really takes off after the 03:00 mark as immaculately well-groomed heel Falcon (in purple tights) reveals his nastiness. The moment gives the fans a reason to rally for hometown hero JJ (5'10", 164#) to take out the strapping Canadian (6'4", 252#). He lands a good punch to the GQ bad guy's midsection, but given his energy early on, it's disappointing that his hope spot is as brief as it is. But these lads are far from finished with each other.

JJ gets a lengthier crack at Falcon's sculpted physique a few minutes later, and the heat escalates from that point on, with Falcon demonstrating aggressive intensity I really had not expected of him. Of course, the best give and take occurs in the last half  when a riled-up JJ and the arrogant Falcon take turns looking like they've got it all wrapped up. Hokey at times, at least in my opinion, the great moments and swell torsos put this match on my re-watch list.

 Credit to Beaury Mathieu for the video.


  1. What a great sequence of GIFs! I Saved them all. Merci, Beaury Matthieu!

    Was the final result as obvious as it seems?

    1. Peeked at the end of the video. YESSS! It looks like a superb match. Color was oddly faded.

  2. Hope someone at Thunders Area sees this. They need to sign up that guy Falcon.

  3. That Falcon is damn hot. I want to wrestle or submission grapple him anytime and anywhere. Impressive muscle stud.


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