A New Day

Evan Turner vs Isaac Bolt, Las Vegas Debut (Movimus)

Movimus is full of surprises. A new setting, two new wrestlers with competition backgrounds, ready to make names for themselves--or just to kick some ass for the sheer hell of it. Both guys are so well matched in size and mat experience that it's almost impossible to predict a winner. It's the company's first new match of 2017, and it reveals a side of Movimus Wrestling we haven't seen before yet preserves MW's commitment to real submission contests and quality high-definition video.

Movimus has opened a new base in Las Vegas, with an all new and separate production team. The goal is to attract and sign the best competitors East and West. In this 24-minute download, Evan, in black, 5'7", 143#, takes on Isaac, in white 5'8", 146#. Both are well prepared and eager to fight, yet from the start Evan appears to have the edge over Isaac in raw strength and perhaps training, or so it seems after Evan speedily wins the first fall. But painting Isaac as the underdog would ignore the guy's resilience and strong will--and there are four falls in all.

I gather from the online match description that Movimus would prefer the final count to remain a secret, so my lips are sealed. I will say that the contest is hardly one-sided. Both grapplers make the other tap out at one point or another. The question remains whether the video ends in a dead heat or one of these guys comes out on top. Neither wrestler is willing to give an inch, each has to work hard to gain any ground on the other, and in the end both are so wrung out that they can barely stand up. Good stuff!


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