Jesse Adler vs Tracer X, 14 May 2016 (CWF Mid-Atlantic Wrestling)

I think 2017 may be Tracer X's year. He has everything it takes to be a wrestling star, starting with a badass name. He also has a look that seizes the imagination immediately. And it's an adaptable look that can suggest preppy, country boy, or wild man, as the situation requires. He's no Brian Cage, but he's strong enough to lift and throw a heavier opponent, in this case, Jesse Adler, another up-and-comer. In his wiriness and technical skill, he could be an American ZSJ in the making. (He's got a ways to go, still.) He's sturdy enough to survive an elbow blast as it drops from the ceiling beams. He's got timing, measuring the seconds it takes to climb the ropes for full dramatic effect, an instinct for when to speed things up or slow them down--and when and how to switch from one to the other. He can play heel or hero. To be one is all but a necessity in pro wrestling, but to convincingly be both is the hallmark of a star. Youth and health imbue him with charisma. Win or lose, he makes the crowd taste his victory or defeat along with him.

po-ten-tial (adj.) -- possible but not yet achieved, from Old French potenciel and Latin potentialis (force, power, strength) from potens (cf. potent -- strong, authoritative, virile); (n.) capability, potency, a good chance of success.


  1. I like the look of X. And your positive evaluation is a plus. Yes, I'd say good potential.


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