Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Masanobu Fuchi vs Tsuyoshi Kikuchi, 28 February 1993 (All Japan Pro Wrestling)

Thank you to nerdkisser on Tumblr for pointing me to this wonderfully rough and reckless match from (exactly) 24 years ago. The way I see it Fuchi (39, 6', 231#, in black trunks) gives his opponent Kikuchi (28, 5'10", 218#, in rising sun tights) the first two or three minutes of the match to dazzle the crowd before striking back with enough ferocity to make the young man burst into tears. And here Kikuchi was having so much fun tossing the veteran around the ring. Turns out Fuchi has a few suplexes of his own, all saved up for the match's final minutes when he treats the challenger like his personal crash-test dummy. Long story short: Don't mess with Masa.

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  1. I am LOVING the Rising Sun tights. I miss the old days of the Japanese wrestlers in various hued tights but always with the Japanese flag on the hip. Always reminds me of one of my favorite heel tag teams, Onita and Fuchi.



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