I don't recall ever saying it, but if I ever did say collegiate wrestling lacks drama, keep in mind I know jack shit about what I'm talking about half the time. You need no further proof than these GIFs taken from this highlights reel from Sunday's meet, in which South Dakota State (in blue) whupped North Dakota State's green and yellow ass, by a slim but significant margin.

And if I ever slurred the wrestling singlet, whose circumfluent adhesion to the male form is in many ways sexier and more beautiful than nakedness even, I spoke purely out of ignorance.

Often, college and folk-style wrestling capture the exact rhythms I seek in a good fight, the vigorous lockup, the gradual wearing down of the opponent, laborious surges of resistance and reversal, with a sudden, immobilizing finish. I regret that I don't know more about the sport. It's beautiful and dignified and hot.


  1. Fear not, Joe. I can't recall you ever trashing collegiate wrestling. I find it super hot myself. Both the wrestlers and the action is sexy and compelling. The only thing that really bugs me with amateur wrestling is that it involves, generally, a lot of stopping and starting. I understand why, but still I wish the 2 studs in any match could just going at it start to finish.

    1. An excellent point, Mikey! The breaks in the action are annoying, constituting the biggest drawback to collegiate wrestling: the lack of continuity. Wrestling needs to "flow."

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