Striking Oil

Landon Conrad vs Alex Adams, 19 June 2013 (Naked Kombat)

In 2013, adult video star Landon Conrad, 5'9", 185#, made three appearances at Naked Kombat, including this oil match against Alex Adams, 5'10", 185#. It's by far my favorite of the three, being the most intense and aggressive of the lot. It's also Landon's debut. The guys don't get oiled up until Round 3, but even the first two rounds sizzle (trunks first, then jockstraps). I give a lot of the credit to Landon's hairy chest and near-perfect ass.

Landon and Alex are well matched in size and wrestling experience. Both men come to NK with scant backgrounds in the martial arts. If Alex's "two years wrestling in high school" doesn't exactly knock my socks off, it probably beats Landon's claim of "fighting with my little brother and a couple of barroom brawls." I'm not too sure, though. Alex's creds would probably look better on a resume, yet for me Landon's backstory sounds way way hotter. If Alex is the better wrestler (not being an expert, I can't really say), Landon makes up the difference with a ton of aggro and balls for miles.

The following year Landon starred in a Raging Stallion video called Cock Fight, which I haven't seen but I'm going to. It promises "four body-slammin' rounds of sex combat to determine the hottest fucker in Raging Stallion's stable of studs," but the packaging of porn-based wrestling stories always promises more than the product delivers. As I've said before, Naked Kombat gets the balance of fucking and fighting as right as anyone has so far, never more so than here in Conrad vs Allen.


  1. There is no combat in Cock Fight. Seriously. Zero. Just flip fuck and that's all. What you see in the trailers is what you get.

  2. I'd like to fight Landon. I've seen him in his Naked Kombat bouts. I like Doug Acre at Naked Kombat too - he would be my first choice of an opponent.


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