Dave Markus vs Ray Mousi, The 2nd Rematch (Movimus)

This 30-minute match goes through four falls, the action intensifying as Markus, taking the lead most of the time, attempts to wear Mousi down. The wrestlers manage to maintain a sportsmanlike attitude throughout, clearly enjoying the tough competition, all the tougher since this is their third go at each other. By now, each man knows the other man's bag of tricks as well as his own, but this knowledge seems to make the struggle an even more grueling ordeal than the previous contests. Markus, in particular, astounds with the number of tight binds he's able to put Mousi into--a variety of scissors, figure-fours, and face locks. Mousi's solid build allows him to last out the constant volley of assaults, but it does little to grant him lasting control over the ever resourceful and wiry Markus. 


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