Thursday, April 6, 2017

Hello, Muscleboy

Travis Bennett vs Taylor Reign, Catalog 1 - Muscle Boy Throwdown (Muscleboy Wrestling)

A new underground wrestling site, Muscleboy Wrestling, launches this week with its first catalog featuring 15 (wow!) new matches and already 25 wrestlers on the roster--some complete unknowns (to me) along with familiar faces. Regular readers of Ringside at Skull Island ought to already know Bruno the Beast and Jake Zane by other names, but who the hell is this Aryx Quinn dude? I was lucky enough to get picked for a sneak preview of the site and made an early experimental purchase.

I went with Bennett vs Reign mostly because I was impressed with the attitude Bennett (in orange, another familiar face, 5'10", 170#) projected in the preview, and the thought of him kicking pretty-boy Reign's butt revved me up enough to PayPal for the download, $24.99 for an 18-minute match. This is straight-up (and straight-edge) ring wrestling, while other products promised more what people usually think of when the subject of erotic wrestling comes up. But for me the subject comes up with this kind of roughneck match, especially as Reign (in white, 5'11", 160#) gives as good as he gets, far from the shrinking violet I was expecting.

Reign has three other matches in Catalog 1, and though he doesn't have the bad-boy airs of Bennett, he's tough and prepared to defend himself. Expecting a squash job, I was surprised to find this is a two-rounder with plenty of give-and-take action. Travis Bennett is a near-perfect young bully, and Taylor Reign is a textbook babyface, who sells victimization and payback with equal conviction and skill.

Muscleboy Wrestling is a polished site, easy to navigate, with a variety of match styles on hand and, more impressively, a roster diverse in ethnicities, sizes, and ages. It's a dangerous site for me to visit while hungry because it showcases a lot of young hunks eager to push, bump, shove, twist, grip, rub, and choke, not to mention pull some serious hair. But don't let the "boy" in the name fool you. Future paychecks of mine will no doubt be spent on juicy numbers like Bo Brady, Chris (gulp) Cannon, Connor O'Reilly, Kevin Lin, Logan Cross, Masked Bruiser, Nick Flex, Parker Flynn, Viktor Patrovsky, and ... where to stop? But between paychecks there's plenty of window-shopping to do, too. MBW is a welcome addition to the tribes I celebrate in these pages. Give it a looksee and let me know what I should see next.


  1. One of the most promising Wrestling sites to date. Just like you, I will definitely be dropping some cash on some matches. Keep it up Muscle Boy Wrestling!!

  2. from the muscle boy staff I want to convey my most heartfelt thanks for this wonderful review and all the positive response we have gotten! You guys are all really awesome. : )



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