Mean Comeback

Chase Michaels vs Tyson the Hammer, Match 529 (UCW)

The ex-champ wants his belt back, and he's willing to climb his way to a title match rung by rung. Chase knows the only way to catch UCW's attention and get what he wants is with a high body count. In this match, he intends to add the Hammer's body to his stack. Because Tyson took a brief leave from UCW, Chase is betting that he's lost some steam in the interim. Tyson is in exquisite shape; still, Chase may have a point: it takes a lot more than CrossFit to thrive at this company.

The grapplers, both biters, both ball-bashers, engage in a dizzying game of give and take, one man gradually gaining momentum on the other as the 29-minute match nears its end. Chase pits his whirlwind speed against Tyson's sculpted steel muscle. In the end, everything depends on which of these roughnecks can summon up the most spite. Mean goes a long way at UCW, and past champs, with the notable exception of Axel, have succeeded on two parts muscle, three parts mat savvy, and five parts rascally low blows.

Match 529 throbs with ambition and willingness to cross lines to seize the prize.


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