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Jake Zane vs Logan Cross, Catalog 1 - Muscle Boy Throwdown (MuscleBoy Wrestling)

I have never minded a kiss, long, deep, and passionate, at the end of a friendly tussle, a kiss that was clearly meant as a transition to something more than a kiss. But full-fledged Jane Wyman-style romance is not something I usually enjoy, not as a spectator anyway, and speaking for only myself, plain wrestling is enough of a turn-on without extras. That said, Zane vs Cross is a great good time, and the merger of Eros and Ares is handled excellently in this MuscleBoy match from Catalog 1 (a little too tasteful, for my tastes, but still superb).

The 33-minute video emphasizes the exhilaration and mysteries of romantic love more than the sweaty grunts and groans of impassioned roughhouse, yet this match is as good as BG East's UK mattress matches (my yardstick for these things), and far better than most other attempts of this sort. Zane vs Cross interests me as both a wrestling fantasist and a dabbler in gay porn. Though the rape fantasies of Naked Kombat, repetitious as they are, are more my speed (not politically correct, I admit, maybe not even healthy), there's a sweetness to this romp that charms me.

Jake and Logan are attractive, young, and amorous. If they are not actually a couple, they do pass as one. Both know how to wrestle, and both have bedroom eyes and full sensual lips. They know how to segue between teasing and squeezing, flirting and hurting, locking lips and locking limbs. I'm more familiar with Jake, by another name, but Logan is the one who sells me on this match. I like his open, boyish face. The give and take is smooth and graceful, intensifying as the gear peels off. There's nothing cheesy about it. As for the rest ... Yes, there's a cum shot. No, there's no penetration except for some heart-piercing gazes.


  1. I agree, BG East is also my litmus test for pretty much any wrestling content. The closer a studio can get to BG, the happier I am. I really enjoy the "erotic" wrestling side of this genre. In my adolescence, there was no greater joy than tussling around w/ one of my mates, feeling how much stronger they were than I was, and having them just totally dominate me w/ their muscles. While not erotic in and of itself, for me, it was the closest thing I had to "action." While I could definitely use a few more matches styled after this one, I'm really enjoying Muscleboy Wrestling. You should check out Connor ringside, he's the definitive beefcake!! :D

    1. Thank you for the comment and recommendation, Linknla. I'm enjoying Muscleboy, too.

  2. I think my "litmus" test for gay pro-style wrestling is Rock Hard Wrestling. While I like some erotic action at the end of the match, I prefer gay pro-style wrestling as a battle of two alpha males going at it to establish domination and supremacy over the inferior wrestler.
    Wrestling singlets are hot for collegiate and freestyle wrestling, but I prefer pro-style ring or mat matches with the wrestlers in wrestling briefs or wrestling tights and always bare chest.
    That said, these two guys are hot as hell together. I prefer Jake over Logan, but I would love a muscle wrestling match with either one - anytime and anywhere.
    Great to have another wrestling video company around to crank out more exciting and entertaining muscle matches.

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